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The (Other) Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Updated: Oct 15, 2018

Do you know how special February is? Not only is February Black History Month, it is coined the month of love in celebration of Valentine’s Day. Ok, so who knew Random Acts of Kindness Day is also in February and there is another national holiday celebrated in this month?? In case you haven’t guessed yet, it’s my birthday, February 18th to be exact!!! Yaay!!

photo credit: Elite Images @elite_images

(BTW, this just may be one of my all time favorite photos!)

Because this month is filled with so many opportunities to reflect, remember rich history and show varying expressions of love for others, I wanted to do something special and different for my birthday this year. I thought what better way to celebrate than to show my appreciation to various clients who have supported me and Open Invitation Stationery Boutique over the years! This month, randomly selected loyal clients and vendors will receive our "love offering" featuring a few of my favorite treats, almost as sweet as me! 😜 Chicago Mix Garrett Popcorn, Camarena Tequila (because I adore a margarita) and a delectable "thank you" cookie from Creative Bites by Candace.

Happy February and Happy Birthday to Me!!!


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