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Self Care and Self Improvement are NOT the same!

Are you busy taking care of the kids, your partner, your parents? Are you pursuing your career and managing the day-to-day maintenance of running your home? Do you sometimes feel as if everyone else gets your best? Do you feel when it's time for you, you're stuck with leftovers? Do you feel like you catch the short end of the stick?

We as women typically put our basic needs on hold to make sure we've taken care of everyone else. If this resonates with you, you might feel depleted, cranky, frustrated, lonely, unappreciated or even unattractive. Being everything to everyone else leaves you with no strength and no time to care for self.

Self care is often mistaken for self improvement but it is different. Self care is about allowing yourself to have a nurturing experience of life right now as opposed to when you work harder in the future. This week, Open Invitation Stationery is recognizing some amazing Mississippi women who are self care advocates and can definitely guide you in the right direction of taking care of self!


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