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Allow Me To {Finally} Introduce Myself!

Well Hello! I've never "officially" introduced myself so I figured November, the month of Thanksgiving, was perfect to say hello and express how thankful and grateful I am.

I am Shalondria; wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend. Hey, I wear a lot of hats and answer to most! I stepped out on faith with the love and support of my husband Calvin on January 15th to start my full-time, full-service stationery business. After almost 20 years of dedication and service to children, families and communities in Mississippi, I now devote my time and talents to my dream and passion, Open Invitation Stationery Boutique. As creative director and owner, I still serve the aforementioned, just in a different capacity.

As an independent young woman who once dreamed of living a single life and working in the corporate world, never did I imagine that I would be a wife, mother and entrepreneur. God definitely had greater plans for my life.

After creating day-of stationery for my own wedding in 1999 and again after the birth of my amazingly cute and funny children, Cameron Alexander and Skylar Kiersten, at the time I didn’t realize that God was continuing to set the course for my life. My love for fine papers and gorgeous typography set the wheels in motion. What began as a hobby turned into my passion. Others noticed my unique talent for design, began requesting my custom stationery and so the life I'd dreamed of was birthed.

Open Invitation Stationery Boutique is a full service stationery and gift boutique based in the Jackson, Mississippi area. Our goal is to assist clients in making all their occasions memorable, special and unique. Invitations and stationery set the tone for events and the “love notes” we send to those we care so much for. We creatively craft all stationery by hand and take great pride in creating special memories to celebrate all the events in your life.


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Photo credit: Erica Johnson Photography


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