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Remembering An Experience of A Lifetime!

Updated: Oct 15, 2018

Today I had all the "good feels" as I looked through my personal photos and reminisced about my wonderFULL experience last fall attending Inspired Retreat hosted by Amber Housley at a beautiful and breathtaking location outside of Nashville, Tennessee.


After many years of working in a corporate setting, one thing I loved and truly benefited from was being around other professionals to network and receive continuing education. After leaving the workforce to hone in on my personal business, I yearned for an opportunity to be in a similar setting, but for entrepreneurs. Being a wife and mom plus trying to groom a small business was tough. Though I had the support of my family, I craved the need to connect with resources to help by business flourish. After researching for months, all things worked together and I attended Inspired Retreat.

Attending Inspired was a total business changer which essentially boiled down to changing me both professionally and personally. My eyes and mind were opened on so many levels and the retreat fed my mental spirit as well. Though Inspired focused on creating better businesses and working smarter to accomplish goals with better results, it also allowed the opportunity for me to work on ME. The warm and friendly setting provided daily opportunities to interact, mingle, share and learn from other creatives as well as the retreat speakers.

Meeting new faces willing and honest about sharing their stories of business successes, personal triumphs and testimonies was exactly what I needed in that moment in time.


Robyn from @coffeechatgirl + Brenda from @i_dream_of_parties

The absolute best part for me was realizing that I'm not alone out here in the "entrepreneurial world" and I've learned to appreciate and celebrate in all seasons of my business!


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