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Add Some Personalization to Your Party!

Who doesn't love a party, right?!? Do you love hosting just as much as attending? With all the details involved with ensuring your event is a success, don’t forget to incorporate special elements of “paperie” personalization. Whether you plan your event yourself or choose to hire an event planner, your event is sure to be a hit when you add touches of personalization to the mix. We’ve shared three creative ways to add fabulous paper to your creative plan that are sure to wow your guests and be a hit! Check out a few of the ways we’ve helped our clients celebrate their special occasions.

Personalize place settings or name cards

Make it easier for your guests to find the perfect seat at your dinner party or reception with personalized name cards or place settings. These square name cards addressed with handlettered font and glittered embellishments also make a delightful keepsake.

Favors/gifts adorned with custom tags and embellishments

How adorable and festive are these champagne favors with their ornate tags addressed to their "owners" and ready for immediate consumption!

Custom Toppers and Floral Picks

The guests and the bride-to-be know exactly what occasion they are celebrating! Custom cut metallics combined with rich hues and delicate florals are always perfect!

With the holidays right around the corner or if you’re planning for a special occasion, adding the element of pretty papers is a unique and memorable way to set your event apart and make your guests feel extra special and loved!

Let me know how you’ll personalize your party. I’d love to hear from you!


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