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Custom Engraved Recipe Board

Custom Engraved Recipe Board


This custom board turns your favorite family recipe into a beloved family heirloom to pass down to future generations.  How amazing it would be to share this special memory with future generations.  
Board measures 9” x 12”

  • Tips for Sending Your Recipe

    1. Place your recipe on a well lit (preferably natural light), flat surface.
    2. Take a photo or scan your recipe and send it as a pdf, png or jpeg file. Make sure photo and scans are clear and not blurry. If the writing is faded or illegible, make a photocopy of the recipe first and then trace over the writing with dark ink.
    3. Try to avoid casting any shadows on the recipe (like from your hand or phone)

    Please note boards are laser engraved. There will be slight variations in each board. Our priority is to maintain the integrity of the original image but there may be slight imperfections when the machine engraves it.

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