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Securing the Stationery Designer You Desire!

“I have an event soon and I need a great stationery designer that will capture the essence of my being; my invitations have to set the tone for my event!”

That’s what you say in your head right?!? You are inviting all your loved ones to an event you’ve dreamed about and you have to make sure they wait in anticipation for that day to arrive. You want your invitations to be the introduction of the majesty that is to come!

Yeah, I may have been a little dramatic with my choice of words and imagery but it’s the truth! You wonder who to contact, what you need and where to begin. Aside from your gut feeling about the designer and the meeting, here are a few tips to help you with making a decision.

1. Do your due diligence before submitting an inquiry

Make sure you’ve done your homework and research the stationery designer you’re interested in working with. Determine if their style makes a good fit with what you’d envisioned for your event.

2. Schedule a consultation

The consultation is the perfect opportunity to make a sound assessment as to whether this new “relationship” will make a good fit. This is the opportune time to ask all those great questions you have. The way I look at it is as if my client and I are entering into a relationship. In order for any relationship to be successful, there must be open communication, honesty and trust. Let’s be honest, your stationery designer should be pretty close to your BFF while you are working together!

3. Have some idea of how you’d like your invitation to look

If you desire custom invitations rather than ready to order, put some thought to how you’d like your invitations to look. Though your stationery designer is creative, they aren’t likely to be a mind reader. Do you want embellishments or specialty shapes or cuts? Bring elements with you to your consultation {color swatches, personal items you may be centering your event around, themes, etc.} that will help better give the designer a starting point.

4. Consider working with one designer for all your stationery needs

This way, you may receive a better quote for services and you can ensure that your theme or brand is consistent with all your stationery without the “overkill”.

Additionally, here are a few questions you definitely shouldn’t forget to ask:

  • What is the turnaround time for production?

  • Will you provide a proof? Will it be digital or a sample?

  • Do you offer addressing services?

  • If I order a suite, will you assemble them?

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Stacy Morley
Stacy Morley
Oct 06, 2021

Lovely blog youu have here

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