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Our 2016 Christmas Card

So, I know I'm not the only one who has been extremely busy this month. Between being a business owner, activities with the kids, holiday parties and "adulting", life has been pretty full!

Well, I finally got the Christmas cards finished and mailed...YAY!!! I thought my choices for the photo shoot and card design would be simple but NOT! I decided to mix traditional with non-traditional colors and textures; red, blue and you know I had to add in some metallic and glitter to complete the project!

I made red metallic pochettes and mounted our holiday photo which was printed on heavy glossy cover. The photo is pretty well secured, but can be removed without damage for those loved ones who like photos as keepsakes.

Next, a double banded belly band was created from {again} a metallic cover and satin ribbon. The band was then adored with a glittered custom cut Star of Bethlehem which carried over our intended theme "Glory to the Newborn King" from our Holiday greeting.

The envelopes were also metallic and delivered with beautiful, whimsical typography. One note to consider when working with your stationery designer and selecting papers-Ask for a sample once completed (a cost may be incurred). Be sure to check with the United States Postal Service and inquire about postage. Due to the quality of materials used in producing our Christmas cards this year, additional postage was required.

All and all I am pleased with the outcome! Here's a look at our finished design:

Glory to the Newborn King! Merry Christmas from our family to yours!


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