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Happy Spring!

Updated: Oct 15, 2018

Although I wore my boots today and have my portable heater blasting for extra warmth and comfort, can you believe today is the first day of Spring?!?

Spring reminds me of newness and symbolizes new life. Just as we transition from Winter into Spring, we also begin to transition into a new season in life. It is important to remember as we enter this new season to plant good seeds and nurture them. The emphasis isn’t so much on enjoying the end results, but in the joy of new beginnings; getting things started. By focusing on the planting aspect, we help ensure a much greater harvest. Though it is important to look at our successes and be grateful, it is even more important to cultivate the soil (soul), plan for the future and nourish the soul.

1. Seeds require time to grow.

2. Seeds must change to grow.

3. Seeds flower and bloom, transforming and revealing their inner beauty.

There is nothing wrong with reaping the harvest but focus more on improving the soil (soul).

As you work to cultivate your soil, enjoy our free printable to help you remember your true purpose.

Blessings! Happy Spring Friends!


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