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Happy National Handwriting Day!

Today is National Handwriting Day. To this day, I still love sending my sweet friends and clients a handwritten note. Nowadays, I enjoy designing stationery just as much as I love writing and sending them! So in honor of the day, set your keyboards and phones to the side and pick up a pretty pen or pencil and celebrate #NationalHandwritingDay with me!

▫️Write a Letter - There’s nothing quite like receiving a handwritten letter or card in the mail. No matter what you write, the recipient is sure to appreciate your effort. Oh, don't forget your stamps (which are due to increase in price soon)! Here are a few of my favs that are still in circulation.

▫️Keep a Journal - Journals are a way to keep track of your dreams and are often used to track thoughts and emotions. Find a journal that you love and can keep right by your side to record your prayers and dreams in. Even if they are just fragments of memory or emotions you felt, starting the habit is key to journaling. Here's my journal with my word of the year on it.

My 2019 Word of the Year Journal

Have fun today! Send lots of handwritten letters!


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