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Five (Plus One No Brainer) Reasons You Should Send Holiday Cards This Year

It’s time to re-embrace the act of sending and receiving holiday cards.

1. Sending holiday cards becomes a tradition. Whether booking a holiday family photo session or setting aside time to design, assemble or prepare envelopes to mail with your children, these are memories that will be long remembered, cherished and passed down to your children. This is a tradition worth preserving.

2. Your friends and family love to show you off! People look forward to receiving your cards. I personally love to go to other people’s houses during the holidays and see all the photo and cards of their loved ones throughout the place. I enjoy looking to see how their families have expanded and grown. In our home, we have a special table just for cards. I get to share a small snippet of my love for them with visitors. I even bought the cutest card holders which allow for layer by varying heights to ensure each and every one is seen.

3. Those "seasoned" relatives and friends truly appreciate that snail mail. There are still plenty of people out there who aren't tech savvy and steer clear of social media. They absolutely love and appreciate receiving mail the old-fashioned way-by checking their mailbox instead of an inbox.

4. Sending and receiving cards allows time to reflect and reminisce. With each card you send, you can't help but take a stroll down memory lane to recall how you happened to meet each person on your list. You may not see or talk to that person on a regular basis but you care for them just the same. **Cue the warm, fuzzy feelings!**

5. If for no other reason, GROUP TEXTS SUCK! In this day and age, when everything is so "instant", sending a card by mail really shows you care. Tell the truth, how many group text messages, dms, ims, and emails do you receive during the holidays? Yes, it's nice that someone thought of you, but how much nicer is the thought when you know someone took the time to mail you?

The No Brainer: Holiday cards are a low cost gift for everyone on your “small gift” list. Enough said, um, k!

The common excuse I hear most often is "I don't have time". That's no excuse! Truth be told, sending Christmas cards doesn’t take much time or effort and can be done rather quickly, especially if you opt for envelope addressing. Give yourself an hour and send some cards out this month (that includes the time to order AND put the stamps on the envelopes!)

Visit our Holiday Cheer Collection and order your favorite design with your favorite photos, scripture and/or personalized message. Just in case you need an extra bit of motivation, use the code "no excuse" for 15% off when you place your order online by November 18th!

Happy Holidays!


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