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Christmas with the Griswalds - I Mean the Hills!

After a super busy couple of weeks, it’s time to finally settle down on this cold and rainy Sunday afternoon and work on our family Christmas cards.

I love, Love, LOVE family photo Christmas cards-my husband, not so much! He played Scrooge, yet again another year. Better yet, he played the Grinch AND Scrooge protesting photos-but guess who won, HA! It was a challenge to get this year’s photo shoot coordinated which pushed me back designing and creating. Thank you to Erica J Photos for putting up with the “Griswalds” another year!

I love looking back at our Christmas photos and seeing how much the children have grown and the hubs and I have "matured". I literally marvel at God’s creation and shed tears of thanksgiving for the three blessings he has given me.

I’m still in the “creation” stage and working diligently to finalize and get them mailed before they turn into Happy New Year cards!

Here’s a sneak peek from my workspace so far-

Stay tuned to the blog for the photo shoot reveal and final Christmas card!


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